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Customer Service Questions

Can I get another copy of my contract?

Yes. Please email us to request for another copy of your contract. You can also call Customer Service at +353 85 1013407 to obtain a copy of your contract.

What is covered under my plan?

We have a variety of different plans available. Please refer to your contract, which you can find in your confirmation email to determine your level of coverage.

When can I use my contract?

Your coverage is active after the Waiting Period is over. Please see the Declarations Page of your contract for the time and mileage of your Waiting Period.

Can I transfer this contract to my new car?

The easiest thing to do if you get a new vehicle is to call Customer Service at +353-85-101-3407 and we can help you set up coverage on your new vehicle and stop coverage on your old vehicle.

What repair facility do I have to use?

You can take it to any of our appointed garges in your locality. All coverages are paid by our administrators

How does Towing/ Roadside Assistance work?

If you need Towing or Roadside Assistance, please contact the Roadside Assistance phone number on your contract.

Why did I receive a mailer after I signed up?

At EuropeCarWarranty, we use various forms of marketing, so there’s a chance you may receive additional advertisements. If so, you may disregard them.

What kinds of replacement parts will you put on my vehicle?

Any remanufactured or used part will have about the same or less miles on it than the vehicle's odometer reading at the time of service.

Do replacement parts come with a warranty?

Most repairs will get at least a 12 month and 12k mile warranty. Some repairs will get a longer standalone warranty.

How do I stop my coverage?

If for any reason you need to change or discontinue your plan, please call Customer Service at +353-85-101-3407.

Billing Questions

Can I make a payment online?.

Yes. Please you can make payment online

Can I pay more than one payment?

Yes, please call Payment Processing at +353-85-101-3407 and we can help you apply multiple payments to your account.

How can I update my method of payment?

Please call Payment Processing at +353 85 1013407 and we will be happy to help you out with that.

When is my next payment?

Please your next payment is automaticaly due

Can my Due Date be changed?.

Yes, your due date can be changed on request as long as you are current on payments. Please contact Payment Processing at +353-85-101-3407 and they will help you.

Can I skip a payment?

No, most contracts do not allow for a skipped payment. This is due to the fact that we want to make sure your coverage is Active in the event you have a breakdown.

Do I have to be on automatic monthly payments?

Contracts are set up on automatic monthly payments to ensure coverage is Active in the event you have a breakdown.

I can’t make my payment, does that mean my account is cancelled?

No, your account does not cancel right away. Please contact our Payment Processing Dept at +353-85-101-3407 to make a payment arrangement.

General Questions

What's the difference between a "service contract" and an "extended warranty"?

An "extended warranty" is an extension of your manufacturer's warranty. Europecar Warranty is not connected to vehicle manufacturers or dealers in any way. Instead, a Europecar Warranty service contract is designed to pick up where your existing warranty drops off, or to fill any gaps in coverage.

How is a Europecar Warranty service contract different from my auto insurance coverage?

Typically, auto insurance covers only collision or accidental damage to your vehicle—such as a car crash, fire, or vandalism. A Europecar Warranty service contract covers the mechanical parts of your vehicle. Most auto insurance coverage does not cover mechanical breakdowns, unless they are the direct result of an auto accident. With a Europecar Warranty service contract, your engine, transmission, and other vital car parts are protected anytime they break down or malfunction.

Do you sell service contracts for vehicle manufacturers or dealers?

No, we are not affiliated in any way with the extended warranties that manufacturers and dealers sell. Instead, we offer service contracts through our partnerships with established suppliers. These contracts offer protection for almost all vehicle makes and models, and repair work can only be done by Europecar Warranty.

Why do you need so much information from me when I request a quote online?

We ask for the make, model, mileage and age of your vehicle in order to recommend the best possible protection. We need to know where you live, and how to reach you there.

Why do I need a service contract? I’ve worked on my own car for years.

As vehicle technology becomes increasingly complex, it becomes more challenging—and potentially problematic—for even the most experienced do-it-yourselfers to fix their own vehicles. Even seemingly simple repairs now require computerized diagnostics, specially trained technicians, and sophisticated equipment only found in specialized repair facilities.

How is a Europecar Warranty service contract different than the vehicle warranty my dealer sold me?

Vehicle warranties sold by dealers and manufacturers cover repairs on your car up to a certain age or mileage criteria. A Europecar Warranty service contract is designed to pick up where your existing warranty drops off, or to fill any gaps in coverage. This gives you the peace of mind that you’ve got continuous protection against costly auto repairs.

How do I figure out which vehicle service contract is right for me?

When choosing a plan, no matter its level of coverage, make sure it offers a cancellation option, monthly payment plan, free towing and rental cars, and a money-back guarantee. EuropeCarWarranty backs each of its contracts with these services and offerings; many other warranties and service contracts don’t offer this level of customer satisfaction. When choosing your level of protection, make sure to take a close look at what each contract covers. If you choose only the most basic, least expensive coverage, you could still be left paying for costly repairs. Europecar Warranty contracts have been designed to fit a wide range of coverage needs and budgets to meet your unique needs. Plus, up to 5,000+ vehicle parts.

Coverage Questions

Is my vehicle guaranteed to be covered by EuropeCarWarranty?

A Europecar Warranty representative will review your information and will contact you as soon as possible, provided you have already submitted a request online. You can also call us at +353-85-101-3407 to find out more information. We provide services for both new and used vehicles, so there is a good chance your vehicle will qualify for coverage.

Is my service contract transferable?

Most of the contracts are transferable if you sell your vehicle to another person. Contact one of our representatives at +353-85-101-3407 to discuss the specific terms of your contract.

If my vehicle is used/pre-owned, do I qualify for coverage?

Yes, we accept used/pre-owned vehicles as well as new. Please contact one of our representatives at +353-85-101-3407, and we will further review your information.

Can I put more than one vehicle on the same service contract?

No. Because each vehicle is different in terms of its mileage, age, overall condition, and repair history, each contract we create is vehicle-specific. This ensures that each of your vehicles receives the right level of protection.

Vehicle Questions

What and where is my VIN?

Your VIN is your vehicle identification number. The most common VINs contain 17 characters. Ex: 1G1FP22PXS2100001. Some common places to locate your VIN: On the drivers side dash viewable from the windshield, the front of the engine block by raising the hood and looking at the front of the engine, and in the driver’s door jam.

What and where is my current odometer?

Your current odometer is a recording of the current (today) measured distance your vehicle has traveled. In other words, your current vehicle mileage. For example, your odometer can read 30,165 miles. Your odometer can be located inside the vehicle on the driver’s side dash usually below the speedometer. Some vehicles may require that the engine is on in order to show the odometer reading.

Vehicle Modification Questions

Will you cover my vehicle if it has a special title such as salvaged, branded, or if the vehicle has been deemed a total loss?

Yes, we can provide coverage for vehicles with salvaged/branded titles. A small surcharge may apply. Please call +353-85-101-3407 and talk to one of our specialists for more information.

I use my vehicle for commercial purposes, can you cover it?

Yes, we have plans for commercial vehicles. A surcharge may be applied.

I pull a trailer, can you still cover my vehicle?

Yes, as long as it’s within specs for the towing/hauling capability of your vehicle even if it’s a 5th wheel/goose neck, but the trailer would not be covered.

Can I get coverage for my truck if it has a snow plow?

No, we are not able to cover vehicles that were ever equipped for a snow plow.

Can I get coverage if I use my vehicle for Uber/Lyft/Rideshare?

Yes, we provide coverage for vehicles that are used for Uber/Lyft/Rideshare. A small surcharge may apply. Please call +353851013407 and talk to one of our specialists for more information. *We also provide coverage for taxis.

What about Uber Eats, Grub hub, Door Dash or like pizza delivery?

Yes, we can provide coverage for your vehicle. There would be a small surcharge added to the contract.

I have a lift kit on my truck, can I get coverage?

Yes, as long as it’s 6 inches or less, we can protect it with a surcharge.

Can I put bigger tires or wheels on my vehicle/truck?

Yes. If the vehicle’s new tires are within 2 inches of the original factory tires, no surcharge will apply. We cannot protect vehicles with tires that are 37 inches or more.

Can I make performance enhancements on my vehicle?

Certain performance enhancements can void coverage such as tuners, chips, programmers, headers, and snow plows. Please call +353-85- 101-3407 and talk to one of our specialists for more information.

I use my vehicle on a farm, can I still get coverage?

Yes, with an Agricultural Use surcharge that may be applied.

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