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We at Europecar Warranty specialize in protecting our customers from the high cost of automobile repairs

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The car warranty industry has grew and an extremely competitive market ensued. Traveling by a car is no longer a luxury but a way of life. Competitive advantages within the market correlated with what vehicle could provide the coolest, fastest, most comfortable vehicle in the market. Technology advanced rapidly, and innovation became the most important tool to being the best manufacturer. Today’s automobile, one that is no longer easy to fix by just popping the hood and taking a peek inside. Unfortunately, the days of the shade tree mechanic have all but evaporated. Computers now run the vehicles on the road, and when something goes wrong with your vehicle, you are at a trained technician’s mercy. This is where we matters, Europe Car Warranty.


“Europecar Warranty is committed to creating an exceptional experience by providing every customers and their vehicles with a dependable, reliable, and affordable coverage solutions for expensive automotive repairs.”

We Stand For Commitment

This is why Europecar Warranty is so important. At this time of need, Europecar Warranty and its administrators are the ones that will protect you. Europecar Warranty administrators get your vehicle in the shop and covered repair items paid which puts your vehicle quickly and safely back on the road.

Every vehicle, our goal is to provide exceptional experience by providing every owner of a vehicle with a dependable, reliable, and affordable solution to unexpected and costly repairs. Europecar Warranty is committed to being a financial protector in a time of need.

We Give You More

We at Europecar Warranty specialize in protecting our customers from the high cost of automobile repairs. Europecar Warranty offers a wide range of vehicle service plans, and they’re set up to be very flexible. We want to make it easy for you to find the plan that fits your needs perfectly.

Peace of mind is priceless, so never skimp on a service you may need during an emergency. Thanks to high star ratings given directly by our customers.

  • Appointed Garages
  • Roadside Assistance 24/7
  • Easier on Your Budget
  • Easy, Flexible Payment Terms
  • Courtesy Towing
  • Rental Car Eligibility
    (Rental car subject to contract terms & conditions.)
We Care and It Shows

Being there for our customers and their vehicles is what our company is built on. Almost all of EuropeCarWarranty’s plan holders gave us five stars for reliability during a crisis.

Backed By the Best

We've partnered with the most trusted and financially stable companies in the industry to bring you the best in personalized vehicle protection.

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We have built a winning culture from the inside out and our team is driven to deliver the industry’s best service. Enthusiasm, commitment, and energy matter to us a lot.

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