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Get your vehicle covered by the ultimate in vehicle service protection before it's too late.

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Europecar Warranty markets vehicle service contracts by his apppointed Garages

Drive With Peace of Mind

You cannot put a price on your family's safety and security on the road.

Your Choice of Mechanic

We Provide you the Best Mechanic

Europecar Warranty's administrators cover the expenses at your preferred car repair facility. The contracts are designed with minimal or zero deductibles to alleviate financial burdens during crucial moments.

Roadside Assistance 24/7

Roadside Assistance 24/7

Most of the contracts include roadside assistance 24/7 in case your vehicle has a problem. Many of our clients rely on their roadside assistance provided with their contract.

A Rental Car For You

A Rental Car For You

Many of the vehicle service contracts include a rental car, or reimbursement for a rental car while your car is being repaired. *(Rental car subject to contract terms & conditions.)

Courtesy Towing

Courtesy Towing

Never worry about being stranded somewhere after a breakdown. All of the vehicle repair contracts include towing services to transport you and your vehicle to a safe repair facility. *(Towing subject to contract terms & conditions.)

Easier on Your Budget

Easier on Your Budget

A large repair could put you back €2,000 - €5,000 or more. A vehicle service contract through EuropeCarWarranty is relatively inexpensive, and includes additional services you'll need to survive a major car repair.

Flexible Payment Plans

Flexible Payment Plans

Talk to us about your budget and what kind of payment plan would work for you. EuropeCarWarranty will create a custom, stress-free payment plan that fits your financial needs perfectly.

How Do I Get Coverage For My Vehicle?

At EuropeCarWarranty, we can customize a plan for any driver.

How Europecar Warranty Can Help You!

Your car is your baby, we get that. We want you to be completely confident with Europecar Warranty, and that's why we're giving you all of the information you need to get just the right coverage. This simple explaining help protect your cars from expenses breakdown!


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Tell us about your vehicle or motorcycle and its usage.

Personalize Coverage

We help you personalize the best options for your vehicle and budget.

Choose Your Plan

Finally, choose your coverage level & protection plan.

Recent Sampling of Europecar Warranty Customers Savings

Vehicle service plans that you can believe in.

  • 2009 Hummer H3 claim paid
  • 2008 Lincoln MKZ claim paid
  • 2010 GMC Acadia claim paid
  • 2008 Volvo S40 claim paid
  • 2014 VW Beetle claim paid
  • 2013 Ford Fiesta claim paid

It's true! We hold up our end of the bargain.

Peace of mind that you & your family can count on. In fact, we and our administrators have given so many customers true satisfaction and peace of mind when their vehicle has needed repairs that we had to create this whole website to display them all!

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Could You Afford a €2,000 Auto Repair Bill Today?

A vehicle service plan through EuropeCarWarranty protects you from expensive surprises.


Engine repair - €3,438
Transmission repair - €2,324
Air conditioner repair - €1,029
(*A deductible may apply.)
EuropeCarWarranty protects you from expensive repairs

EuropeCarWarranty could help save you thousands in potential car repairs.

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